If you are a Graduate/Professional student and you are excited about representing the Graduate/Professional students of your department/program in GPSS, please contact your department/program DOGE/Chair/Secretary to send us your name as a GPSS Senator via the Senator Verification Form

Please note that the Senator Verification Form MUST be filled by the Chair / DOGE / Graduate Secretary, or other department/program contact (not a student) authorized by the Chair / DOGE / Graduate Secretary. Students cannot nominate themselves or other students as GPSS Senators. 

Each academic unit can nominate 1 senator for each 100 graduate students enrolled in Fall 2017 to a maximum of 4 senators. 

If you are the Chair / DOGE / Graduate Secretary, please click HERE to access the Senator Verification Form. 
If you are unable to access the form by clicking on the hyperlink, copy and paste the below URL to your web browser address bar to access the form:


In case you have any question or issue, please send an email to the GPSS CIO (