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All presentaitons will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Canvas for judges to access on the week of TBD. All judges much acess their assigned presentations prior to the conference. On Friday, April 9th, judges will atttend a live session via WebEx to allow students to review their topic and answer any questions the judges may have. 

Students can get involved in the following ways:

If you are interested in learning how big conferences are planned, this is the right place for you. Your role would include coming up with ideas for improving the conference, reviewing abstracts and organizing the event.

Design flyers, brochures, posters, bookmarks and more for the conference. Also, help advertise the event.

The conference needs session moderators and students at the registration desk to help run the event smoothly. All volunteers would be given a certificate and entered in a raffle draw.

Professors and Post Doctorates can get involved by volunteering to judge student presentations (oral, poster, exhibitions, case competitions and 3MT).