Chelsea Iennarella-Servantez

Chelsea Iennarella-Servantez is a concurrent DVM/PhD student at the College of Veterinary Medicine co-majoring in Biomedical Sciences (Cell Biology) and Animal Science (Animal Nutrition). She graduated from Iowa State with both her BS and MS in Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Chelsea’s PhD research focuses on the pathophysiology of diet-induced gastrointestinal and systemic inflammation and associated changes at both the cellular and clinical level. Chelsea served as a GPSS Senator for the College of Veterinary Medicine (Professional Curriculum) prior to starting her role as GPSS Senate Engagement Officer, and now President. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys hobbies including taekwondo, kayaking, painting, and bird-watching, in addition to spending time with her husband, Jeremy, and their two dogs, Dex and Virgil.  

She can be reached at