Current Senate

How do I become a Senator on the GPSS? - NEW NOMINATION FORM as of April 2021

  1. Check to see if your Department is represented either on the GPSS website or with your Department office
  2. As of April 2021, senators may fill out the senator nomination form here; DOGE/department confirmation MUST occur prior to confirmation of the position, so please be ready with that information.

What are my rights and responsibilities as a Senator?

Details for Senator duties can be found in the GPSS Constitution. In general Senators are required to attend monthly GPSS meeting (the last Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m.), be an active member of the Senate (partake in voting, discussion, etc.), and to relay important information back to their departments. This can be done in several ways (i.e. email update, display board, newsletter) and it is up to the Senators' discrection. Senators are also required to have one office hour per month for their constituents.

As a Senator, you have one vote in the Senate and the right to speak on the Senate floor. You may write or sponsor Senate Bills and Resolutions and may bring any matter of graduate concern before the Senate. It is strongly encouraged for Senators to join at least one committee to help GPSS run efficiently.

Do I need to be a GPSS senator to serve on a committee position?

No. Most committee positions require, however, that you be elected as a representative by GPSS.

If you are interested in a committee position, please contact the Senate Engagement Officer or a member of the Executive Council.

What is the length of the term for a Senator?

Senators are elected by their department (typically at the beginning of the fall or spring semester) and serve through August (even though meetings traditionally end in April). Regardless of when a senator is elected, they serve through August, unless graduation precedes this date. Senators that are graduating are expected to notify their department contacts in the event that they are to be replaced before the end of the academic year in August.