Structure & Timelines

New Executives are elected in the March meeting, and take office on August 1st unless the outgoing Executive is graduating in the spring (and then they take over following their graduation).

This allows for a long transition/shadowing period for the incoming officers, as a measure to ensure institutional memory remains. 


Memos from the Executive Council (2020-2021)

Executive memos are statement/opinion/position pieces released from the Executive team of the GPSS. These memos reflect the views and ideas of the Executive members who sign the document, and do not pass through the Legislative branch (the Senate). 

Black Lives Matter Solidarity statement

Response to Student Government's Women's Week Controversy

In support of our Asian-American/Pacific Islander students


Current Executive Council

President Chelsea Iennarella-Servantezshe/her/hers
Vice President Rachel Sorensen she/her/hers
Treasurer Zakayo Kazibwehe/him/his
Senate Information Officer Kate Alucard she/her/hers
Senate Engagement Officer Carrie Ann Johnson she/her/hers
Conference Officer To Be Seated
Wellness OfficerAbbey Boydshe/her/

GPSS Advisors

Dr. William R.
Dr. Carolyn E. Cutrona
Roberta L. Johnson

The entire Executive Council can be reached at
The entire Senate can be reached at
The Senators at large - GSB can be reached at