Current Senate (2022-2023) - CURRENTLY UPDATING

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College Department Senator # NameEmailPronouns Senator Status

Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication


Ivy College of Business
Business Administration (MBA) 1      
Business and Technology (PhD)1    
Finance Saptaparni Ghoshghoshs@iastate.edushe/her  
Information Systems & Business Analytics 1 Swati   
Supply Chain and Information1    

Interdepartmental Programs
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology 1      
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 1      
Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology1Ceren Ordascordas@iastate.edushe/her 
Genetics & Genomics 1 Jaspreet Rishijkrishi@iastate.edushe/her  
Gerontology 1      

Human Computer Interaction
1 Michael   
Immunobiology 1 Nicholas Bockenstedtnjb3@iastate.eduhe/him  
Microbiology 1 Zackry   
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology 1 Xiaoyi (Chelsea) Chengxcheng@iastate.edushe/her  
Plant Biology  1 Tae-Chun   
Sustainable Agriculture  1 Carly   
Toxicology 1 Njeshi Charity Nyacnnjeshi@iastate.edushe/her  

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine (DVM program)
1 Brittany Skaggsbmskaggs@iastate.eduShe/Her/Hers  
2 Hannah Burrowshburrows@iastate.eduShe/Her/Hers  
Veterinary Pathology1Lisa Uhllisauhl@iastate.edushe/her 
Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine 1 Onyekachukwu Henry Osemekeoosemeke@iastate.eduHe/Him  
Biomedical Sciences1Charity  

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Agricultural Economics1Albulena Bashaabasha@iastate.edushe/her/hers 


1 Sarah Szakassszakas@iastate.edushe/her  

Computer Science
1 Azeez   


Samrajya Thapasvthapa@iastate.eduhe/him  

1 Kelli   
2 Wren   
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences 1 Wei   
History 1 Kristen   
Mathematics 1 Kean Fallonkeanpf@iastate.eduhe/him  
Political Science1    
Physics and Astronomy 1 Joyal   
Psychology 1 Esther Kimestherk@iastate.edushe/her  

College of Human Sciences
Apparel, Events, & Hospitality Management1    
Human Development & Family Studies 1 Yeonji Ryouyjryou@iastate.edushe/her  
Kinesiology 1 Holly   

School of Education
1 Christine Caincmcain1@iastate.edushe/her  

College of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering 1      
Chemical and Biological Engineering 1 Sakib   
Civil Construction & Environmental Engineering 1

Joyce Kamau   
2 Veronica   
3 Ana Luiza   
Electrical and Computer Engineering 1 Rahmat   
 2Jiztom Kavalakkatt  
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering 1      

Mechanical Engineering
1 Nasla Saleemnasla@iastate.eduShe/her  
2 Fynn   
3 Harish   

College of Design
Architecture 1      
Community and Regional Planning 1 Sandra   
Graphic Design1    
Interior Design 1      
Industrial Design     
Integrated Visual Arts1Katie DuVal  
Landscape Architecture1    
Real Estate Development     
Sustainable Environment     
Urban Design     

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology 1 Nipunika Rupasinghenipunika@iastate.edushe/her  
Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology 1 Xiaoyi (Chelsea)   
Sociology and Criminal Justice 1 Taea Bonnertabonner@iastate.edushe/her  

1 Benjamin   
2 Anyesha   
CALS; College of Engineering Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 1 Lizbeth   

Agricultural and Biosystems - Non-Engineering

1Esther Yeboah Akotoeyakoto@iastate.edushe/her 

CALS; College of Human Sciences
Food Science and Human Nutrition**1Chinwendu Ozohcfozoh@iastate.edushe/her 
Diet and Exercise     

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

1 Ryan Hambergrhamberg@iastate.eduhe/him/his  
2 Mercy Fakudemfakude@iastate.edushe/her  
3 Mahule Elyse Boris Alladassiaboris@iastate.eduhe/him/his  
Agricultural Education & Studies1Daniel  
Animal Science 1 Vishesh Bhatiavishesh@iastate.eduhe/him/his  
Entomology 1 Andres Vargasavargas@iastate.eduhe/him  
Environmental Science 1      
Horticulture 1 Shillah Kwikiirizashillahk@iastate.edushe/her  
Industrial and Agricultural Technology1Heather Tenboerhtenboer@iastate.edushe/her 
Meat Science 1 Caroline Downeycdowney@iastate.edushe/her  
 2Kayla Hospodarsksytkhospo1@iastate.edushe/her 
Natural Resource Ecology and Management 1 Claire Rudeclrude@iastate.edushe/her  
Plant Pathology and Microbiology



Katie Allgaierkde114@iastate.edushe/her 



GPSS Senator for ISU Student Government1Edward  
StuGov Senator-at-large (SG CVM Senator)1

Jacob Reichert  
College Chair: 
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College Chair1Boris Alladassiaboris@iastate.eduhe/him/his 
College Chair: College of DesignCollege Chair1Katie DuVal  

College Chair: College of Engineering
College Chair1Lizbeth  
College Chair: College of Liberal Arts and SciencesCollege Chair1Joyal  
College Chair: College of Veterinary MedicineCollege Chair1Charity  
  • Y: Present
  • N: Absent
  • S: Substitute
  • (D): Dismissed from position
  • (R): Resigned from position
  • "-" indicates that the senator was not elected at the time of meeting, or had an excused absence
  • "*" indicates a transition of power to another senator AND/OR end of term (ie. in reference to Student Government)

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