Organizing Committee

The production of the Graduate and Professional Student Conference is a collaborative effort between the GPSC committee and the Marketing and Public Relations committee. The committee members are essential for the success of the conference. The GPSC Chair provides oversight over both of these committees, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring the event is well-organized and successful. If you would like to join the GPSC team, please contact Ryan Everett at and cc

 Ryan Everett

I'm Ryan Everett. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication (RPC) as well as a Teaching English as a Secondary Language (TESL) certificate. Teaching communication has been my passion since student teaching as an undergraduate studying secondary English education. I am also interested in the rhetoric of public memory and how we acknowledge past events as a collective.

If you have any questions about the GPSS Conference, reach out to me at or





 Taea Bonner

I'm Taea Bonner. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Sociology, while also working as a teacher’s assistant in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and working as the Outreach Coordinator for the Dean of Student’s Office. My research interests include adverse childhood experiences, juvenile delinquency, sexual crimes, and homicide. I am currently the GPSS senator representing the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and a member of the Conference Committee. If you have any questions please reach out to me via email: 




 Wei Chen

I’m Wei Chen, a fourth year Ph.D. student majoring in Environmental Science & Geology at Iowa State University. I currently serve as a GPSS senator in Geology. I am a self-motivated learner passionate about geospatial data analysis and mapping. My research focuses on assessing urban resilience to climate change. I can be contacted via email: You are welcome to follow me on Twitter @vivid_urban to see more updates about my research.





 Chinwendu Ozoh

I am Chinwendu Ozoh. I am a PhD student in the Food Science and Technology Department. I serve on the GPSS conference committee, and I am the senator representing the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department. 

You can reach me on







Daniel Ayisi Nyarko

I am Daniel Ayisi Nyarko. I am a graduate student at the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies. I have a strong passion for agriculture; therefore, I work with farmers to improve their productivity and livelihood. I am a member of the International Student Council. Currently, I serve as GPSS senator for the Agricultural Education and Studies Department. I am a member of the GPSS conference committee. You can reach me at