Organizing Committee

The production of the Graduate and Professional Student Conference is a collaborative effort between the GPSC committee and the Marketing and Public Relations committee. The committee members are essential for the success of the conference. The GPSC Chair provides oversight over both of these committees, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring the event is well-organized and successful. If you would like to join the GPSC team, please contact Kevin Chiteri at and cc

Kevin Chiteri

Kevin Chiteri is a 3rd year Ph.D. student with Dr. Arti Singh in the Mungbean breeding lab, Department of Agronomy. He has a BS in Microbiology & Biotechnology from the University of Nairobi, Kenya,  an MS in Biological Sciences from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, and currently, a Ph.D. in Genetics & Genomics with Predictive Plant Phenomics (P3). His research is focused on the improvement of mungbeans (green grams) for their high plant protein composition. At Iowa State University, Kevin has served as the treasurer to the P3 Graduate Student Organization, Speaker Chair for the RF Baker Plant Breeding Symposium, president of G3 (Genetics & Genomics Group), Agronomy Senator and currently serving as the GPSS Conference Officer.  Kevin is enthusiastic about public science, science communication, and the accessibility of research to a wider audience. When you catch him, ask about swimming and talk politics, please.

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Jialu Wei


Jialu is a Ph.D. candidate in Plant Breeding and serves as an Agronomy senator at GPSS. She holds a bachelor’s in Agronomy from China Agricultural University. Her current research explores diverse natural genetic resources, and seeks to utilize them for developing climate-resilient crops with the ultimate objective of meeting future demands. She can be reached at:





Ryan Everett


I'm Ryan Everett. I'm currently working towards a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication (RPC) as well as a Teaching English as a Secondary Language (TESL) certificate.Teaching communication has been my passion since student teaching as an undergraduate studying secondary English education. I am also interested in the rhetoric of public memory and how we acknowledge past events as a collective. Ryan is the GPSS Senator - English Department.

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Wei Chen

Wei Chen is in her third year of the Ph.D. program in Environmental Science & Geology at Iowa State University. She currently serves as a GPSS senator in Environmental Science. Her research explores the impact of urbanization on building energy use using engineering software, GIS technique, nighttime satellite imagery, and numerical weather prediction model. Have a question about the GPSS Conference, reach out at: