ISU Grad Stories

 #ISUGradStories are open to ALL ISU graduate students! So please send in your information, and spread the words! We will share these on our social media and our website!

There is a template provided here for you.


Please answer the following (but not limited to) and send them to the SIO at

  1. Name and Pronouns
  2. Program of study, department and year of study
  3. Undergraduate or previous education
  4. What are your research interests and why did you choose them?
    1. Veterinary students - what are your career goals?
  5. What is one thing you think everyone should know about your research or career interests?
  6. What advice would you give students (this can be for anything).
  7. Who has helped you get you to where you are (, friends, professors, PIs, advisors, mentors, etc.)?
  8. What extracurricular programs or groups have you been a part of ISU that are fundamental to your experience here?
  9. What is the most valuable experience you have had while studying here?
  10. What are your aspirations for after you graduate?
  11. What motivates you?
  12. Please feel free to share more information and stories about your academic life at ISU!
  13. If you use social media, please feel free to mention your social media handles as well!
    1. GPSS has a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but we will share whatever handles you'd like to share


Please see below our current exciting #ISUGradStories, and don't forget to send in yours!


 Kate BorchardtAmin DaghighiJoey Saavedra
Three photos of Amin Daghighi, a Construction Engineering student. The left most photo is of him holding a beverage, the middle photo is of him with a sunset in the background, and the right photo is a selfie of him and a dog.


Paul PelechJacob H. EricksonCallie MorrisEleanor (Ellie) Field


Evan MellottLindsay BellBrianna LawtonSondoss Elnegahy


Michael WettengelLucia CherepAmrit VenkateshDharmin Rokad