Wakonse Conference

The Wakonse Conference application is now closed for this awards cycle.


Wakonse is a word from the Lakota Indian language meaning to teach, to inspire. The Wakonse Foundation brings together people who find inspiring and influencing others is what they do for a living. This award provides financial support for students to go to a conference on teaching in May, and there are multiple recipients every year. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants has not received a Wakonse Conference Award previously.
  • Applicants must be a current ISU graduate or professional student in good academic standing.
  • Student must have at least one year of graduate school remaining after the Wakonse Conference has ended.
  • Students can be considered for each of the Leadership, Research, and/or Teaching awards within the same year
  • Completed applications include:
    • Completed GPSS Wakonse Conference Award Application Form
      • Be concise and do not exceed the word limit
    • Nominee's CV
    • Two letters of support that can speak to your teaching impact:
      • One from a student that attended a class taught by the nominee
        • *** We are now accepting teaching evaluations as a means to meet this student feedback criteria. Although a written letter from an individual student is preferred, if this is unable to be fulfilled, an applicant can submit teaching evaluations.
      • One from the class instructor (if the applicant is the class instructor, this letter should be from the applicant's advisor, department chair, or supervisor for the course taught)
  • All application materials will be included and submitted in the GPSS Wakonse Conference Award Application Form
  • Any questions regarding this award or your application can be directed to gpsspresident@iastate.edu.

Past Conference Award Winners

YearWakonse Conference

Sarah DeWolf

Chinwendu Ozoh

Zarina Wafula

Shannita Ramnarine