Keynote Speech

Impostor Syndrome: Coping Strategies for High Achievers - Dr. Dawn Bratsch-Prince

OPEN FOR PUBLIC | 6 - 7 PM | Great Hall @ MU & Virtual 

The pre-pandemic expectations were high, during the pandemic, the expectations were even higher. This status is slowly sliding students into mental health instability. The pandemic has exacerbated the imposter syndrome among many graduate students...


Panel Discussion

How to Hack Multidisciplinary Research and Collaborations: ISU Case Studies

2 - 3 PM | Great Hall @ MU


Dr. Raj RamanAgricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department

Dr. Arti Singh - Agronomy Department

Dr. Hongwei Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Dr. Alicia Carriquiry - Statistics Department


Breakout Sessions

9 - 10:50 AM 

Professional Development - Karin Lawton-Dunn

Digital Networking: Bridging the Transition from Academia to Industry

ROOM 3580 (Gallery) @ MU

Networking and job searches have changed drastically since 2019.  We will discuss how to make the transition from academia to industry careers by creating intentional networking opportunities. You will be able to make smart connections that open doors.

Join us as we review the following topics.

  • What is an Informational Interview and how to make them work for you?

  • Why LinkedIn can be the bridge you need to network?

  • Develop a list of names and positions to begin your networking.


Immigration and Policies - Lori T. Chesser

Overcome uncertainty for immigration

ROOM 3560 (Pioneer) @ MU

Not clear for immigration options after your graduation? Join us to hear about professional analysis on the uncertainty for immigration. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to an immigration lawyer to discuss the immigration options you may quality for.

Join us as we review the following topics.

  • Uncertainty from your visa type

  • Uncertainty from your home government

  • Uncertainty from US government

Professional Headshots

FREE for registrants | 10 - 11 AM