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Please be aware that University-sponsored travel events (outside of personal travel) must be approved by a supervisor/advisor/associate (Dean Danielson for CVM professional students NOT on an assistantship) 

First-time PAG applicants are prioritized to receive funding first.


Please check with the travel office if you have any questions or concerns. Note that PAGs can only be used for University-sponsored travel, and that approval of a PAG application does not constitute supervisor approval.


Claiming your PAG funds - Now available through Workday and department contacts!

Funds are NOT given upfront; this is a reimbursement-based system. Please see our FAQ for more details.

No further action is needed through GPSS or the PAG Chair, there may be additional forms needed for your individual department. 
The department staff member who handles reimbursements will file for your PAG funds, please reach out to this person to complete the process.

You have 30 days from the last day of your conference to have the department file on your behalf. If you miss this, you forfeit your funds.