GPSS Allocations

GPSS Regular Allocations 


What are GPSS Allocations?

GPSS reserves a portion of its annual budgets to support club/organization activites for graduate and professional students. 

There are FALL and SPRING Allocations, you may apply for only one round. 

To be eligible for your allocation request to be reviewed, ensure your organization meets the criteria listed in the FAQ page (linked below). 

Be sure you meet all deadlines, and don't hesitate to email the Treasurer with questions!



Fall allocations - due the last Friday of September at 5:00PM

Spring allocations - due the last Friday of February at 5:00PM


Application process:


Quick Reference:

  • Max allocation amount: $1,000 per year
  • Gateway (hotel) rate: $120 per night
  • 2017 mileage rate: Student = $0.2675 per mile and Speaker = $0.535 per mile

GPSS Special Allocations

Application process:


If you have any further questions, please email the GPSS Treasurer.