Cash prizes to be won!

Cash awards for the winners will be posted on their U-bills.

Cash awards might be increased if we get additional funding

Poster-1st traditional


Poster- 2nd traditional


Poster- 3rd traditional$300

Poster-1st creative


Poster- 2nd creative


Poster - people's choice








Oral - people’s choice


Presentation Categories:

  • Poster Presentation

Traditional – Includes those that follow the scientific hypothesis model 

Creative – Includes, storytelling, poem, song, and design projects

  • Oral Presentation

Students participating in the oral presentations will be given 5 minutes for their talk.


  • All graduate and professional students at Iowa State University are welcome to submit abstracts.
  • We especially encourage College of Design students to participate in exhibitions.

Poster Presentation Instructions

  • On the conference day, Wednesday April 6th, the posters will be put by 8:30 am in the designated room (South Ballroom) and pulled down at the end of the day around 6:00 pm. 
  • If you have any special needs for posters (either traditional or creative component), please reach out to

Poster format

  • We encourage you to submit an older poster if you have!
  • If designing a new poster, we suggest the poster not exceed 36 inches x 48 inches. 

Poster evaluation criterion

Judges will evaluate each presentation based on the following :

1. Visual impact (33%): balance of text, figure, and white space, section headings, and consistency in font size and type.

2. Content (33%): As determined by judges

3. Presentation (33%): presentation did not exceed 3 minutes, good responses to question, mastery of the topic.

Oral Presentation Instructions

  • On the conference day, Wednesday April 6th, students will be given 5 minutes (rapid fire) to make the presentation.
  • We recommend a maximum of 5 slides for your presentation (including the introduction slide).
  • No questions will be asked after your presentation. This will allow us to accommodate as many students as possible within the time frame. 
  • If you have any special needs for your talk, please reach out to

Oral presentation evaluation criterion

1. Content (40%): Depending on the entry category (Traditional / creative)

2. Presentation (60%): presentation did not exceed 5 minutes, well use of the stage, eye contact, enthusiasm, and mastery of the topic.

3. Panelty will be placed for overtime. 

People's Choice Award

  • Poster: Stickers will be given to help judge the people’s choice poster winner 
  • Oral Presentation: Attendees will be given a QR code and a link to participate in the poll. A real time poll with presenters’ names will be projected for the oral presentation’s people’s choice winner.