Research Award

DEADLINE for Research Award applications is on Friday, December 1st, 2023 at 11:59 PM.


This award recognizes graduate students at Iowa State University who vastly constribute to the larger research community. By producing numerous publications, by having many first authorships, and by publishing in high-impact journals, this award is given to multiple students every year. Recipients are given a certificate and a financial award. 

Eligibility Requirements - Research

  • Nominee has not received a GPSS Research Award previously
  • Nominee must be a current ISU graduate or professional student in good academic standing
  • Nominee must have at least one first-authored paper and oral presentation completed at time of application submission
  • Students CAN self-nominate for the award
  • Students can be considered for each of the Leadership, Research, and/or Teaching awards within the same year
  • Completed applications include:
    • Completed GPSS Research Award Application Form
      • Be concise and do not exceed the word limit
    • Attached nominee's curriculum vitae (CV) and
    • Two letters of support:
      • One from fellow graduate students
      • One from the major professor

Current Award Winners


Clayton Carley

Dr. Kristin Terrill

Matheus Krause

Krishna Teja

Wei Chen