Research Award

DEADLINE for Research Award applications are on Friday, December 1st, 2023 at 11:59 PM.


This award recognizes graduate students at Iowa State University who vastly contribute to their field by engaging in the community of scholarship through research, posters, talks, and publications.

Eligibility Requirements - Research

  • Nominee has not received a GPSS Research Award previously.
  • Nominee must be a current ISU graduate or professional student in good academic standing.
  • Students CAN self-nominate for the award.
  • Students can be considered for each of the Leadership, Research, and/or Teaching awards within the same year
  • Completed applications include:
    • Completed GPSS Research Award Nomination Form
      • Be concise and do not exceed the word limit
    • Nominee's CV
    • Two letters of support that can speak to your research impact:
      • One from a fellow graduate student
      • One from the major professor
  • All nomination materials will be included and submitted in the GPSS Research Award Nomination Form
  • Any questions regarding this award or your nomination can be directed to

Past Award Winners


Clayton Carley

Dr. Kristin Terrill

Matheus Krause

Krishna Teja

Wei Chen