Teaching Award

DEADLINE for Teaching Award applications are on Friday, December 1st, 2023 at 11:59 PM.


This award focuses on graduate students who go above and beyond their required teaching expectations. By teaching extra courses, getting excellent marks in evaluations, or by creating and leading their own courses, this award is given to multiple students each year. Recipients receive a certificate and a financial award.

Eligibility Requirements - Teaching

  • Nominee has not received a GPSS Teaching Award previously
  • Nominee must be a current ISU graduate or professional student in good academic standing
  • Nominee must be an instructor or TA for at least one class before semester of application
  • Students CAN self-nominate for the award
  • Students can be considered for each of the Leadership, Research, and/or Teaching awards within the same year
  • Completed applications include:
    • Completed GPSS Teaching Award Nomination Form
      • Be concise and do not exceed the word limit for your responses
    • Nominee's CV
    • Two letters of support
      • One from a student that attended a class taught by the nominee
        • *** We are now accepting teaching evaluations as a means to meet this student feedback criteria. Although a written letter from an individual student is preferred, if this is unable to be fulfilled, an applicant can submit teaching evaluations.
      • One from the class instructor (if the nominee is the class instructor, this letter should be from the nominee's advisor, department chair, or supervisor for the course taught)
  • All nomination materials will be included and submitted in the GPSS Teaching Award Nomination Form
  • Any questions regarding this award or your nomination can be directed to gpsspresident@iastate.edu.

Past Award Winners


Anand Shankar

Christine Cain

Elhaum Alhudithi

Kean Fallon

Spandan Roy